Kiri Vadivelu

Ceasefire Now! Free Free Palestine


The US/Israeli fascist pogrom to further subjugate and displace the determined Palestinian people from their homeland is actively taking place. The 1948 Nakba is alive once again! Gaza and the West Bank are bleeding nonstop under mass army terror. Over 40,000 people are dead or seriously injured. People are being butchered, chased out of their homes, they cannot worship in peace, they have no bread, food, drinking water, or basic necessities and cannot even bury their dead, while roads and public hospital facilities are being destroyed.

The glee on the faces of the imperialists and their racist troops executing this brutal pogrom, is a clear indication of the concerted attempts by Israel to use murderous violence to keep the Palestinian nation and people colonized and to use them in a slave like fashion. Zionism not only exhibiting its racist qualities but showing that it has learnt well from its Nazi oppressors of the past.

We are witnessing the horror which comes about from the American, European, and Canadian colonialists arming of this beast-like regime in Tel Aviv, with the weapons to conduct mass slaughter.

Now that Zionism has gone out of control in a vivid, practical and murderous manner the world can see that they never had any intention, since 1948, to share the land of Palestine nor to allow the ancestral people of the land to exist as a nation or to let freedom reign from the river to the sea.

What we are seeing is the raw power of a European settler colonial apologist project, armed to the teeth, taking measures to get its own way, not only in Palestine, but also in the whole region. This is an old-style vagabond capitalist project gone mad, in its efforts to subjugate a defiant people and capture their resources.

The people of the world never intended for the Zionists to take over and establish a racist apartheid state inside Palestine without regards to the rights or needs of the Palestinian people and nation. For 75 years the Palestinian people in Gaza, the West Bank and in their refugee camps, have resisted all attempts to enslave them and have fought for their right to self determination. These latest concerted attempts to wipe out the just aspirations of the Palestinian people will never succeed. The outcome of this invasion of Gaza and the West Bank will not determine the faith of the Palestinian people. They are bound to continue their resistance in one form or another until victory!

I stands with the Palestinian people in this fight for their very lives and for their existence as a nation with the right to determine their own destiny and to decide who governs their land and resources. My support is unconditional.

I denounce the actions of the American imperial state and its NATO allies in arming and executing this murderous phase of its colonial project to subjugate Palestine. It is equally shameful that the Canadian government is not missing a beat in its backing of the Zionist fascist regime in carrying through this pogrom against the Palestinian nation and people. The Palestinian nation and people's freedom from Zionist Settler Colonial rule is our freedom as well.

I call on all Torontonians to continue to come out in support of the struggle of the determined Palestinian people to overcome the ravages of Zionist settler colonialism and its backers worldwide.


In Solidarity,
Kiri Vadivelu

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