Kiri Vadivelu

Kiri Vadivelu

Socialist Solutions to Capitalist Crisis

✓ Scarborough Centre - Ward 21 statement
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Poverty is not a crime. Solve inequities

Housing is a human right. Eliminate wait

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A Little About Me

As a social justice activist, I am running with the MSA for the seat in Scarborough Centre Ward 21. An ethnicity of Tamil minority immigrated from Sri Lanka in childhood, successfully resisted illegal eviction of my family at Ontario Landlord Tribunal during the 2020 emergency lock down.

Since then, I passionately strive to make housing a human right in Ontario. A founding member of the Scarborough Tenants Union STU, leading voice of Toronto ACORN and committed member of Justice for Workers. Once trained shop steward of the United Steelworkers Union USW where I fought for better working conditions, and was recipient of a 2019 leadership award from USW headquarters in Pittsburgh, United States.

Accomplished Bachelors of Arts (BA) in Criminology, Justice and Policy Studies at the University of Ontario; meanwhile celebrating 20 years of residence in Scarborough.

While we all agree that status quo can no longer serve the needs of our communities, we can still have different point of views on different social issues. That is what makes us unique and valued at the same time.

For instance, when I was fighting against a corporate landlord in the midst of a pandemic, my community came together to protect my family. It was people's defense that lead to my ultimate victory. Therefore, I can assure that we will at least agree of somethings that will help us move forward in the great social, economical and political transformation in history.

Please note that only residents of Scarborough Center, Ward 21 can vote to elect People's Platform; however, anyone can help contribute to the good work through sharing and encouraging more people to vote in the upcoming municipal election. Please use the environment friendly posters at your discretion, poster 8x11, Poster 4x5. If you need printed copies, kindly send an email and someone will deliver to you.

If you live outside of Ward 21, consider supporting candidates endorsed by Socialist Alliance. Find out your ward and more at Toronto Elections or Call 311 for assistance.