The Future without Price Tag for Life

by Kiri Vadivelu | 1 min. read arts

In the age of capitalism, birth and death passes before the blink of eyes

In the age of capitalism, the birth and death passes in a blink of eye. We must embrace life before death or else we will die before we live without knowing the purpose of our lives. Greed will always be the barrier to peace and democracy but how we overcome the greed to experience life is a journey. A poem to reflect on the small spectrum of life.

The Dance before Death
The Dance before Death | © Kiri Vadivelu

Every life has a purpose in the planet earth
But its survival depends on mercy of the greed
Few control everything with pride and power

To be born into wealth is an ugly dream
Life value is decided even before birth
Greedy ones have started eating its flesh

Some wish to live forever, some not
Some seeks to make life less sorrow
Some surrendered to the predators

To share the space, to live in peace
A luxury dream humans cannot afford
Is it the greatest species of the planet?

Today, we reap what we saw yesterday
What are we planting for tomorrow
Other than war, violence and injustice.

Ignorance of many do not benefit any
To end death race is the beginning of life
Why not embrace life before death?

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