Socialist Program & Electoral Priorities

  • Police Brutality

    De-fund the Police! How?

    In the midst of the COVID lock down, Toronto police evicted houseless people from public parks. It was state- funded violence that injured members of the public who defended the vulnerable from the blows of police brutality.
  • School Breakfast

    Fund Our Schools

    Children who eat breakfast tend to do better in school. But many working families cannot afford the meal due to low take home pay. The city should fill the breakfast gap.
  • Free Transit

    Make Transit Free

    Students should never have to choose between bus fare and lunch in a wealthy city. Criminalizing poverty through expensive fare enforcement is unjust, not just a bad look for tourism.
  • Public Housing

    Expropriate Giant Landlords

    Housing should not be a commodity. Developers do not build housing to meet a social need, but to generate private wealth for shareholders – benefiting from tax dollar funded infrastructure benefits. Housing is a human right.
  • Wealth Inequality

    Wealth Inequality Tax

    Since 1970, profits of big corporations have been sky rocketing while working people earn less due to inflation and pay more in taxes. Tax the corporate welfare bums.
  • Service Discrimination

    End Service Discrimination

    Banking is an essential service, yet banks discriminate against poor people by default with higher fees, e.g NSF fees. Likewise, insurance companies assess risk by postal code discrimination.
  • System Change

    Change the System; not Climate

    Scientists have been warning about climate change for over 50 years. Big oil-sponsored studies fret about paper straws while billionaires fly about in private jets.
  • Corrupt Politicians

    Imprison Corrupted Politicians

    No domestic politicians have been jailed for accepting a bribe although it is common for them accept donations from corporations, only to play innocent.
  • Sammy Yatim vs Toronto Police

    Invest in Mental Health Care

    Many people don't see mental illness in the same way as other diseases medical science is working hard to find cures for. Death of Sammy Yatim in the hand of police trained to save life is unjustified in every way.
  • Rogers Shaw Merger in 2023

    Economic Democracy, Not Monopoly

    Canadians pay highest cost for telecom services compared to all other big cities in the world. The monopoly on price fixing as result of Rogers and Shaw merger is an assault on economic democracy.
  • Hands Off Cyclists

    Hands Off Cyclists

    Increasing the safety of pedestrians and cyclists will aid the transition to a greener, cleaner, healthier, more sustainable urban mode of transportation. Cops ticketing cyclists underscores the need for safer, more visible and self-contained bicycle paths.
  • Create Parks

    Create Parks; not Parking Lots

    Instead of lecturing drivers to get out of their cars, invest in reliable, efficient public transportation to give workers a meaningful choice. Stop plundering the protected green belt.

Supporting Youth and Seniors

What About Youth and Seniors?

Youth and seniors are the core of any thriving society. However, capitalism view providing services to seniors and youth as too expensive and burden for tax payers. During the pandemic, seniors were left to die in private long-term care homes while mental health of youth were not part of any city planning.

Under socialist system, schools and libraries will be adequately funded to create new extra curricular activities. For an example, bring seniors into our schools for both learning and teaching assistance. Seniors would become tech-savy while students reap the benefit of rich life experiences directly from our seniors.

Equality vs Equity in Fairness

Fair Application of Traffic Laws with Revenue Tools for the City

Traffic fatalities are on the rise, advanced technologies are not helpful and Toronto cannot afford road repairs but the general rise of fines and penalties has hurt the economically underprivileged most cruelly. Application of traffic laws without equity breeds inequality and fails to deter perpetrators.

Penalties for traffic infractions should consider the economic status, the ability to pay, of the convicted person. A progressive penalty model which involves calculating disposable income would be a more equitable deterrent to speeding and make city safer for pedestrians, cyclists and motorists simultaneously.

Whether you choose to decorate Toronto streets or your school bathroom, thats your freedom of choice. If you are not sure about anything, just give us a ring.

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