Mayor Candidacy Announcement

Members of Municipal Socialist Alliance (MSA) democratically endorsed Kiri Vadivelu for Mayor of Toronto and registered the campaign on the first day at City Hall on Monday, April 3, 2023.

Socialist Action Endorsement

Members of Socialist Action (SA) are not only supporting the entire Municipal Socialist Alliance campaign but sharing socialist ideas across the country. SA strongly believes that solidarity knows no borders.

MSA aims to unite the left

Members of the Municipal Socialist Alliance (MSA) backed ten local campaigns across southern Ontario in October 2022, and gained nearly 15,000 votes. We stand in solidarity with the mayoral campaign of socialist candidate Kiri Vadivelu.

Lead the Social, Economical and Political Change

Show me your program -- I can tell your priorities -Torontonians

Everyone knows that change is urgent. Many just don’t know where to start. Our grass-roots movement is made up of people who genuinely care about our city. There is a place for you here to contribute and become an active leader in your neighborhood. That is the beauty of the Municipal Socialist Alliance (MSA), inclusive from the bottom up.

Establishment-sponsored elections and big business-backed candidates come and go. The the MSA is always active in our local communities. The MSA believes that progressive change does not come from outside or above, but within us and from our actions. In a society where people die on the streets without adequate care, “non-partisan” usually means pro-establishment. See our program to know the difference. MSA program.

Community Endorsements

As a special guest at a recent Municipal Socialist Alliance meeting, I was very impressed with their vision, energy and commitment, especially amongst younger people who are needed so desperately to keep a community-based advocacy group thriving. I applaud the group’s efforts and will continue to support them in any way that I can! — James Gordon, City Councillor, Guelph

While much of the labour leadership will throw their support behind status quo candidates in the upcoming elections, it is clear that business-as-usual municipal politics isn't working for working class people. Enough is enough! Vote for change! Vote Socialist! Vote for the Municipal Socialist Alliance! — Julius Arscott, Ontario Public Service Employees' Union

I'm very happy to endorse, in a personal capacity, Kiri Vadivelu's campaign for Mayor of Toronto. His socialist platform offers a challenge to the model of the neoliberal city, with its agenda of austerity, inequality, reckless upscale redevelopment and a swollen police budget. With 'progressive' opposition to this agenda reduced to hesitant efforts to soften the blow, it is good to see a platform that actually bases itself on the needs of working class people. — John Clarke, former organizer, Ontario Coalition Against Poverty and member of 230 Fightback

MSA is a coalition of socialists, labour unionists, community organizations and social justice activists united to fight for the interests of workers, tenants, women, LGBTQIA2S+ folks, racialized people, seniors and all who seek a city and world without exploitation and oppression. I am proud to show my support for a Labour City Hall, for a Workers’ Government at the municipal level. — Barry Weisleder, NDP Socialist Caucus / Federal Secretary of Socialist Action

We support Kiri Vadivelu in his run to become Toronto's next Mayor. His vision and passion align with my family's value of supporting and standing for equality and equity amongst oppressed, marginalized, and racialized communities. His socialist platform will create opportunities for underserved communities. — Annette Bryan and Nekya Bryan, Members of Scarborough Tenants Union

United in Solidarity

MSA Team