Why I Chose socialism over barbarism?

As we come out of the long pandemic, Toronto still have no plans in place to address the needs of working, young and the vulnerable in the city. Our wages shrink, expenses skyrocket and we consume the inflation all alone while billionaires sell junk wisdom but that is not a concern for status quo servants.

City of Toronto elegantly criminalized poverty through evicting houseless people while Ottawa struck peaceful protesters with iron fist for resisting vaccine mandates. COVID 2020 reminded that capitalism cannot be reformed, that is why I am running for mayor to change the system.

Media hype about crime but fail to report the fact that last year 187 Torontonians were killed due to lack of care. After all, most corporate media outlets are owned by few individuals, undemocratically. In such social condition where people die in our streets without a home, non-partisan means pro-establishment.

We, as individuals may have different opinions and views; however, we are the 99 percent and share the common goals. The 1 percent who owns everything, do not live with us but continue to dictate politics around us. Therefore, we must rise to stop the tyranny, hate and division from mocking our democracy.

Simply put, status quo leaders are corporate welfare bums rotating turns to serve the interest of liberal bourgeois. We, workers make the city run; therefore, workers should run the city, not the bosses. I am determined to break every wall that prevents working people from achieving their full potential in the city.

As a one and only socialist candidate, I believe that grassroots movements lead by collective actions can restore democracy, peace and justice for all. For those reasons, I will be knocking on doors, dropping flyers and meeting people across the city along with volunteers of Municipal Socialist Alliance.

Together, we can change the culture of city hall from oppression and exploitation to true democracy and representation. The proof is in the program, I invite you to read and share with everyone you care, instead of relying on the political options featured by the corporate media.

The real change begins with you. Let us choose socialism over barbarism on June 26.

In Solidarity,
Kiri Vadivelu