American Eagle is on Guard for Thee

by Kiri Vadivelu | 1 min. read corporate

Every empire in the history fought wars to steal but America has perfected the art of boosting the economy through war, consistently. For the credit of war driven economy, American corporations have looted the planet for profit because war is a profitable business. In order for the America to operate without loosing credibility, Hollywood maintained the status quo culture of violence through feeding lies to Americans and to those fans of American violence.

5 top American billionaires
5 Top American Billionaires | © Kiri Vadivelu

From social, economical to political system, American culture built on capitalism is always in search for ruthless violence. The political system controlled by the military and the elites only need an excuse to exercise violence; that is evidenced through treatment of poor Americans during COVID and notable Will Smith and Chris Rock slapping incident. Although America is a racist, violent and dishonest country, colour or character does not matter once wealth is acquired.

The bogus symbolic image of America is crumbling as the real issues of pandemic and climate crisis are emerging. Ukraine war may be over soon but people of Ukraine are unlikely to recover from the debt trap diplomacy of United States. To really stand with Ukraine is to demand IMF to cancel all debts immediately so that children of Ukraine are protected from American oligarchy.

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