Corporate Misuse of Canadian Tax Revenue

by Kiri Vadivelu | 1 min. read crime

Metrolinx and the Presto Card scam is an indication that corporations cannot solve transit problems but only exist to extort profit

Despite previous assurances that it would not result in additional costs, a new report says the TTC will spend millions of dollars more on fare collection each year by using the Presto smartcard instead of tickets, tokens and passes. Skeleton in the closet is the breach of privacy and violent enforcement of the broken fare system. An excerpt from Toronto Star.

TTC, Metrolinx and the Presto Card
TTC, Metrolinx and the Presto Card | © Kiri Vadivelu

The TTC board agreed to adopt the fare card in 2011 under pressure from the provincial government, which made the allocation of gas tax proceeds to the city contingent on the deal.

At the time, a TTC report said the fees the agency would pay to Metrolinx to operate Presto “would be offset by other TTC fare collection operating savings and should result in no net increase to TTC’s overall fare collection operating costs.”

Corporations cannot solve transit problems without extorting profit. Our elected officials not only dump founded but screwed public in exchange fancy new toys and luxury dine ins. Scam is a scam regardless of how they phrase it. Read more.

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