Modern Strategy for Crime Free Society

by Kiri Vadivelu | 1 min. read crime

The ruling class is only interested in weaponizing crimes to further exploit working and the poor in the city

Most people in Toronto are concerned about rising violent crimes in the city. Unfortunately, crime is not the sole responsibility of the police but collective responsibility of everyone in the city. As people of Scarborough, we can not only work toward eliminating crimes but make our communities safer for everyone. We just have to make the punishment fit the crime. The recipe is simple to execute but our status quo politicians will not do it. The ruling class is only interested in using crime as a weapon to further exploit working and the poor people of our city.

Speed Radar in the Street
Speed Radar in the Street | © Kiri Vadivelu

Many parts of the Europe successfully eliminated or reduced crimes using common sense and modern laws. Just one example of how to modernize our law is to make speeding fines according to level of income.

Currently, whether one earns minimum wage or 3 million salary is paying the same penalty for the same crime. However, the one earning 3 million less likely to change the behavior because the penalty have no effect financially. It is not a final solution but should be beginning of great discussion, policy and research.

Using existing policing infrastructures, the one simple policy would make our city really crime free and save lives on the streets. Yes, we can change our city for the better without exploiting working people. The change begins at the ballet box, let us vote to change the status quo.

Credits: John Clarke

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