Colonial Destruction of English Language

by Kiri Vadivelu | 2 min. read culture

Evolution is a two way street, English has reached the peak and then began downward slope as profit was the only pulling direction

English, a 1500 years old German language, British adapted and universalized through European colonizations. Fluency of English or any language is unrelated to human Intelligence, through socially constructed illusion as such.

Evolution of English language
Evolution of English Language | © Kiri Vadivelu

The words with dual and confusing meaning enabled people to interpret different meanings. Additionally, avoiding distinctive characteristics, prioritizing non-verbal cues and masking of true meaning of words for corporate advantage only demised the quality of language. For instance, weasel words such as “reorganization” have no purpose in communication but a tool for deception and eliminate jobs in corporate environment.

The colonial system facilitated the grounds for destruction of English through masking real meaning in conversations, written text and legal atmosphere; in order to portray anti-civil nature of corporations to look appealing to the public. Since corporations view economical and social equality as hostile to profitability, the language manipulation was necessary to conduct government and business transactions.

Most corporations; particularly financial institutions operate in a manner to promote the system of manipulation. The ability of a person to communicate without revealing political and individual preferences is considered to be an asset in such environment. Hence, feel good liberal democratic politicians are judged to be the most dishonest individuals.

Unfortunately, evolution is a two way street, English has reached the peak and then began downward slope as profit was the only pulling direction. Today, English is the only universal language that can be used to communicate lies, deception and misinformation without facing social or cultural consequences.

A language is an important identity of any culture in a civilized society. Pursuit of language neutrality in English language, the Great British paved the path for destruction of its own. Historically, the one with the gun won the negotiation but the narrative shifts when everyone owns one.

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