Zionist Devil Consume Palestine Lands

by Kiri Vadivelu | 2 min. read history

People of Israel are victim of political propaganda to accept the genocide of Palestine while reject holocaust

The Palestine Israel conflict began since creation of Israel in the occupied land of Palestine. Zionist Israel used all evil means to divide humanity and control freedom of speech to achieve a false democracy. There is no freedom of speech or freedom to move for those who disapprove the genocide of Palestine people. People of Israel are victim of political propaganda to accept the genocide of Palestine while reject holocaust. If terrorization of Palestine people is justified, why so much outcry about gas chambers?

Land Theft of Palestine People
Land Theft of Palestine People | © Kiri Vadivelu

A prudent person would likely to believe the conspiracy that holocaust is a political propaganda to create apartheid regime. Unfortunately, the treatment of Palestine people by the Israel makes one wonder whether Zionists would ever speak truth? History is written by winners to justify oppression while disregarding the voices of the victims. Listening to victims is the step in the right direction to seek truth on any context. Failure to side with Palestine people would be closing the door to know the dark history of Zionist land grabs.

The Israel is the only state where every citizen must serve in military. Those mandatory service laws enable the State to brainwash everyone with Zionist terror ideologies. Because of such early exposure to hate, Jewish population in Israel continue to hold discriminatory views on Palestine people. Ultimately, brainwashed Zionists Jews not only hold elected offices but also ensure people remain misinformed in order to carry out atrocities against Palestine. What keep nationless Jews in Israel together is the united hate against Palestine people; not love, culture or tradition amongst them. No country will never achieve peace under the ruling of apartheid regimes.

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