Theft without Stigma, Society without Answers

by Kiri Vadivelu | 2 min. read labour

False understanding of socialism comes from fear driven politics without knowing the basic principles

The surplus value is an excess profit of wealth produced by the labour. Under capitalism, 100 percent of the profit goes directly to the owner. But, under communism, 100 percent of the profit goes directly to the government. When a society is either only capitalism or communism, the catastrophe is created. Individuals are greedy and power is corrupt; therefore, society suffers.

Labour Theft in Modern Society
Labour Theft in Modern Society | © Kiri Vadivelu

Though surplus value of labour belongs to the community, the owner greed and corrupt powers interfere with social welfare. Capitalism breeds inequality through hoarding of wealth; therefore, crime is legalized against poverty. Simultaneously, social despair is innovated through worker oppression to resist exploitation. Being held hostage to a pay-cheque is not freedom and not a pride worth sharing with ruling powers.

Capitalism is a colonial system of violence based on greed, unfortunately. An idea that socialism is evil comes from the fear driven politics without knowing the principle of community sharing. Promoting worker oppression of slavery wages support the billionaire philanthropy for private pedophile islands. Simply put, inflation is mass corporate greed. Everyone have an obligation to uplift humanity and any space is a privilege to do good.

Current system makes landlords rich while screw small businesses. After 2000 years, inequality remains the highest without living wage.

Unlike the rich, when workers have money, they will spend on local businesses. Money in the hands of few ends in offshore accounts; not in our economy. Current political system does not help but fail entire economy. Sadly, workers are scapegoats for fear driven politics.

Instead of advocating for economical violence to maintain the status quo so few can continue to exploit everyone based on false historical understanding of civilization, we can build a profit sharing community in harmony with nature. Demanding living wage is not radical but absolute necessity; however, allowing corporations to terrorize the most vulnerable is radically and disgracefully complicit.

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