Human Rights to Those Can Afford

by Kiri Vadivelu | 2 min. read law

The corporate heads are appointed through elected government to play the game according to their benefit

If human rights whether employment, housing or any in Ontario, do not waste time with Ontario Human Rights Tribunal (OHRT). The best solution is to go public if you can and join a movement. OHRT exist to protect the interest of the political party in power, not your human rights. They are appointed through elected government to play the game according to instructions.

Ontario Human Rights Tribunal
Ontario Human Rights Tribunal | © Kiri Vadivelu

If you feel human rights no longer exist in housing or employment, you are not alone and you are correct. Rights exists to those who can afford for variety of reasons.

If you seek free lawyers or legal aid, you do not get representations, you get advice that makes you feel sick. The system is designed that way so no real change can happen.

If you are lucky and end up getting a representation for free, do not expect much. The license of lawyers, paralegals and other sectors are used to ensure no real change is demanded.

If the license holder demands real change or expose corruption in the system, their livelihood is in jeopardy. Mostly no one except license holders are allowed to represent in tribunal.

Since low income people cannot afford real representation, employers and housing system exploit the vulnerable population without worrying about potential legal consequences.

Now and then some headlines in the mainstream media makes everyone feel as human rights exist and our system is working for everyone. Do not be fooled, listen to your inner voice.

I was subject to harassment at workplace and forced to register with OHRT in March 2020, against manager Marc Eskander and Radko Radkov supervisor at Securitas Canada (Mobile) where I was employed for 10 years. After complaint, company retaliated by not providing any safety equipments such as masks and gloves to work during the COVID lock-down.

I exercised my right and I was terminated. My union was so weak and refused to provide any help or process the grievance. The Labour Relations Board and Occupational Health and Safety administration made sure my employer does not get caught.

Instead of using my case to improve my workplace, OHRT dismissed my case. I did not abandon my case, I simply did not accept their intent to dismiss my case. My former coworkers are still upset nothing improved after 2 years of misery.

I will be sharing all evidences and details of my case in the near future. From electoral system to public administration, all services are corrupted, not all individuals but system.

Our tax dollars are used to deny services to those in need and punish those who demand change. Do not be too naive like me, listen to your inner voice.

I learnt the truth the hard way, that if you belong to working class, you have no rights in Ontario. If you want change, you must fight. No one should suffer the consequences I suffered for standing up to do the right thing, thats why I share my story.

Note: If you cannot help, thats understandable but do not hurt those who speak up without knowing the elements of social and economical privilege under any circumstances.

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