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by Kiri Vadivelu | 3 min. read liberty

John Clarke's experience with the ring wing fused social media commentator just exposes the eroded nature of our society

Most recently in Ontario, Trucker Convoy who stood up to defend the liberty of Canadians against vaccine mandates seem to be standing back when education workers' rights are infringed. John Clarke's experience with the ring wing fused social media commentator just exposes the eroded nature of our society. John says "I never debate with right wing social media users but I did note with interest some of their responses to something I sent out suggesting that education workers in Ontario would be taking action on behalf of all wage earners and users of public services".

Truckers Convey on Route to Ottawa, 2021
Truckers Convey on Route to Ottawa, 2021 | © Kiri Vadivelu

Clarke's remarks:

One particularly aggrieved beer hall patron thundered that my comment was an example of 'idiotic babbling' and it's certainly true that any attempt to convey notions of common interests and working class solidarity would seem meaningless to this chump. I could have responded with an explanation of how workers' struggles impact the general balance of forces between labour and capital and set out the need to act collectively in defence of public services that have been won through past struggles. However, there is no common language with people like my accuser and it would have been useless to try and communicate.

Those who have been caught up in the present wave of reactionary rage express this ideology of self-interest to an extreme degree. To them, it seems self-evident that their right to remain unmasked completely outweighs the responsibility to help prevent the spread of a lethal virus. However, the distorted notion of individualism extends beyond the far right and effects the thinking and action of ordinary working class people.

This society reinforces at every point the elevation of the individual and the corresponding underestimation of collective rights and common interests. The capitalist class do work together to some extent, especially when the seek to stifle working class resistance and intensify that rate of exploitation. However, their sense of class unity is tempered by the fact that they compete with each other. They are, as Marx put it, a 'band of warring brothers.’

For the working class, however, things are altogether different. For our class, common interests and the need for united action are paramount. It is the stranglehold of an oppressive and exploitative system that prevents us from comprehending this as we should.

Education workers in Ontario are, indeed, fighting for all of us and their struggle is our struggle. Let's offer every measure of support to them and, in doing so, clean off some of the 'muck of ages' and elevate the sense of common interest and united action that we so desperately need in these bitter times.

In extension to Clarke's remarks, the right wing fused half brained freedom fighters are informed enough to not to upset the slave masters. Indeed, the actors of trucker convey is nothing more than a display of inflated ego in a privilege society with no respect for true civil liberty, freedom or justice.

Ultimately, Where the woke freedom convey stand on the education workers' fight for liberty would reveal the amount of fascism, hate and bigotry contained in the movement. Only time will tell the remaining story.

Credits: John Clarke

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