Assets of Billionaires: A Real Threat to Democracy Everywhere

Assets of Billionaires: A Real Threat to Democracy Everywhere

2 min. read | By Kiri Vadivelu

Regardless of the position on Russia Ukraine crisis, working class people should be in support of seizing the assets of billionaires. Those billionaires of all stripes massively contribute to inequality and injustice to people and planet everywhere.

Crypto Billionaire Scammer Sam Bankman
Crypto Billionaire Scammer Sam Bankman | © Kiri Vadivelu

The same billionaires fund wars that benefit their crooked agenda because war economy is the most profitable opportunity. Nationalities of billionaires have no effect on the ruthless nature of the rich one percent who own the 99 percent. Russian and Ukrainian billionaires directly and indirectly benefiting from the misery of Ukraine people; just as, American billionaires benefited to 100 plus US warfares in overseas without the consent of American people.

Seizing the assets of Russian billionaire is an inadequate solution and discriminatory; thereby wealth of all billionaires shall be seized and returned to the commons.

The Nobel peace prize winner Obama dropped the most bombs in the history of American presidency, an evidence of how the ruling class cooked the language and the system to benefit the few. The word “peace” only exists to remind the blood stain of poor people and make the billionaires feel good about themselves instead of “guilt”.

The American doll and chief of NATO, Jens Stoltenberg accepting the Nobel Peace for provoking Russian invasion of Ukraine cement the argument that the prize is a satire game played by the billionaires to mock the suffering of people everywhere. Every class conscious citizen know the extent of harm done by billionaires on working class people from slavery wages to union busting campaigns of Amazon billionaire Jeff Bazos against workplace democracy.

Without American billionaire Bill Gates who is a good friend of child trafficker Jeffrey Epstein, the forced vaccination would have never become a reality. The media portrayal of Microsoft empire who profited off renting rigged software as “genius” is a joke that make class conscious workers laugh all day. By seizing the assets of Israeli billionaires, the zionist apartheid empire would not even had funds to start the killing campaign of Palestine people to steal land by the Israeli settlers.

Recent FTX Crypto scammer turned into largest donor of American Democratic Party prove that billionaires are not only threat to democracy but will actively danger existence of humanity everywhere. What is more uglier is the pseudo left agencies and liberal politicians advocating for billionaire Elon Musk as someone who is saving the environment. Only those who are awake know the secret that Tesla is to save crippling auto industry not the environment.

Likewise, American grocery chain billionaire John Catsimatidis only benefited from the inflation, not the working people who make him wealthier. Ironically, billionaires not only use media to portray themselves as saviours of planet but manipulate the people to believe the scam. To save people from injustice and to save planet from toxic death, all billionaires shall be abolished. The act of seizing the assets of all billionaires is not evil but legitimate need to achieve world peace.

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