Build Public Housing Now!

Build Public Housing Now!

2 min. read | By Peter D'Gama

There is no doubt that Toronto is mired in a deep and severe housing crisis. This is reflected in the growing encampments as many are left homeless, overcrowding in apartments, high rents that have forced tenants to go on rent strikes, and cries to build more affordable housing.

Build public housing now
Build Public Housing Now | © Kiri Vadivelu

This situation also presented itself to another city 100 years ago that also had a very rich landlord class and faced similar problems regarding housing affordability. That city was Vienna that in 1913 had a homeless population of 461,000. The city overcame that crisis by taking on wealthy landlords and offers us a lesson on how to address the housing crisis.

The legs on which that housing policy is based on is the recognition that housing is a human right and not a commodity. Towards this end it imposed strong rent controls and taxing private property and land. This included private apartment buildings and vacant land.

As Mayor Kiri Vadivelu will implement real rent control, tax vacant land at 30 % of property value and stop financialization of rental properties by imposing 30% tax annually on investment properties with an exemption for individuals renting out portions of primary residence. Seizing vacant units and renting them to tenants on a non-profit basis. Kiri Vadivelu along with Municipal Socialist alliance and Fightback 23O demand that the City expropriate 230 Sherbourne and begin discussion of residents of East Toronto on how we develop this land as a Community Land Trust.

Kiri Vadivelu will build more public housing on municipally owned land with the City acting as a developer. Vienna and the Venezuela has shown us that we don't have to tolerate poor and unaffordable housing .

On June 26th Vote Kiri Vadivelu for Mayor #97.

For more information, please contact
Municipal Socialist Alliance
Call: 647-986-1917
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