No Platform for Nazis; Scarborough Voters Should Know

Socialism is a political philosophy that advocate for social and economical democracy; instead of hostility, violence and tyranny

2 min. read | By Kiri Vadivelu

Any form of collaboration with nazis is danger to democracy everywhere. Those who deny holocaust or genocide are bigots, fascists or nazis. Viresh Fernando is a lawyer and mouthpiece of Sri Lankan genocidal government, characterized Tamil Genocide Education in Ontario as fraud on people, donated $300 to Kevin Rupasinghe’s run for councillor in Scarborough Southwest, Ward 20 in 2022 municipal election.

Viresh Fernando Donates to Kevin Repasinghe
Viresh Fernando Donates to Kevin Repasinghe | © Kiri Vadivelu

Regardless of circumstances, Kevin claims innocent but refused to make a public statement on Tamil Genocide that aligns with Canadian values and principles. He argues that he support Tamils through one on one conversation with Sinhalese nazis while journalists are being murdered in daylight, more Tamils go missing and judges are fleeing the country under war criminal Mahinda Rajapaksa regime. Today, actions of fascist lawyer Fernando benefits no one but Sinhalese thugs who continue to terrorize members of Tamil community in Toronto.

According to Toronto demographics, over 60,000 voters speak Tamil and majority lives in Scarborough. The standing ovation to Ukrainian Nazi soldier in Parliament embarrassed all Canadians and the speaker of the house Rota resigned. Nonetheless, Kevin secured the support of the left voters in the absence of public awareness of Tamil genocide. After all, would you endorse or elect a candidate to represent people of Scarborough who collaborate with Sinhalese Nazis?

We must vote like our democracy depends on us. Injury to one injury to all. Let us give no platform for Nazis. Media will not report so please share to make everyone aware. Learn more about Tamil Genocide, Bill-104.

For more information, please contact
Municipal Socialist Alliance
Call: 647-986-1917
[email protected]


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