Parasites of Working Class Leave No Hope for Democracy Under Capitalism

Parasites of Working Class Leave No Hope for Democracy Under Capitalism

2 min. read | By Kiri Vadivelu

Most often, we strive to fight against the system that degrades humanity but at some point, we lose energy and motivation to fight. Thats the way our status quo system is designed so no change can happen from the grassroots. Working class people have no choice but to fight till the end or surrender to the status quo.

If Work Cannot Feed, Nothing to Lose
If Work Cannot Feed, Nothing to Lose | © Kiri Vadivelu

Our political administration is a corrupted tyranny leadership that put profit before people. Ever wonder why injured people have to fight for benefits that they already insured through employment? It is a perfect example of deny by design system. Or the 10 year wait for affordable housing in the city.

Today, we have no democracy but suffering from lack of housing, unsafe schools, insecure employment and economical barriers to access basic needs. Those greedy psychopaths rather have our future doctors, lawyers and teachers grow in poverty so few can fly in private jets and pursue inhuman lifestyle.

Those at the top of the food chain have vested interest in keeping the system to benefit the few. Therefore, any input at any level goes to deaf ears. Going to court in a capitalist society is a gamble since the case can be dropped at any point and only a few victims come out alive anyway.

From police to pedophiles, predatory culture is the common denominator of fascism. Police do everything to protect the interest of the power while low hanging fascists do the dirty job. The only exception is that police depends on the taxation of workers to criminalize poverty.

Under capitalism, profit will not wait but everything else do. Thats why wannabe fascists prey on the oppressed; not the oppressor. Being woke is about knowing the game and using the anger for change; not against one another. Indeed, capitalist laws are powerless to help but powerful enough to hurt.

Fascism is anger without substance. Thats why fascists are able to injure the most oppressed and exploited without guilt. Interestingly, evolution of artificial intelligence is a real threat to fascist ideologies based on misinformation and illogic in the absence of local community. #history #liberation #justice

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