Property Taxation should Make the Rich Pay!

Property Taxation should Make the Rich Pay!

1 min. read | By Yasin Kaya

Low-income homeowners pay five times more in property taxes relative to their income compared to high-income homeowners. "This is simply unjust and perpetuates economic inequality," says Kiri Vadivelu, the Municipal Socialist Alliance candidate for Toronto mayor.

Rise of Corporate Welfare, 2023
Rise of Corporate Welfare, 2023 | © Kiri Vadivelu

"High-value properties should be taxed at higher rates than low value properties. Investment properties should be heavily taxed."

The working poor should be provided with income-based property tax credits. To support those in need, such as low-income seniors and people with disabilities, their property taxes should be deferred until they sell their property.

Target the profits of giant corporations such as telecoms, big banks, and supermarket chains, and heavily tax them, along with other members of the corporate elite. Tax churches, temples, synagogues and mosques.

Vadivelu, 37, a founder of the Scarborough Tenants Union, states that "The Ford government removed development charges, allowing rich landlords and land developers to make exorbitant profits while draining the city coffers. Reinstate and increase the development fees to fund city infrastructure, and more.

Cancel all fares and fees for basic services such as public transit, water, garbage collection and recreation. By doing so, we can support those in need and make sure that everyone has access to essential services."

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