Protest at Toronto Star over Municipal Campaign Blackout of Socialist Candidates

Protest at Toronto Star over Municipal Campaign Blackout of Socialist Candidates

2 min. read | By Wali Abro

Protest to take place at Toronto Star, 1 Yonge Street, on Thursday, October 6, 12:15 p.m. Why did the Toronto Star fail to report on the campaign and candidates of the Municipal Socialist Alliance?

Protest at Toronto Star over Municipal Campaign Blackout
Protest at Toronto Star over Municipal Campaign Blackout | © Kiri Vadivelu

The Municipal Socialist Alliance is running to be a voice for fundamental change on city councils and school boards in Toronto, Mississauga, Guelph and Ottawa in the October 24 local elections across Ontario.

In the wake of many incumbents deciding not to seek re-election, the MSA is presenting a bold anti-capitalist team that aims to fill the void and rock the establishment. Instead of a strong mayor system, it strives for the empowerment of working class and impoverished residents through a Participatory Budget. Why does the Toronto Star, which purports to promote local electoral engagement, ignore this campaign?

The MSA strives for a Labour City Hall, for a Workers’ Government at the municipal level. It is a coalition of socialists, labour unionists, community organizers and social justice activists who advocate for the interests of workers, tenants, women, LGBTQI folks, racialized people, seniors, and all who seek a city and a world without exploitation and oppression. The campaign is waged in solidarity with Vote Socialist Vancouver, sharing common goals for radical democratic change.

MSA candidates aim to represent Parkdale-High Park Ward 4, University-Rosedale Ward 11, Toronto Centre Ward 13, Toronto-Danforth Ward 14, Scarborough Centre Ward 21, Scarborough South-West Ward 20, Mississauga Ward 3, Mississauga Ward 7, Ottawa-Carleton Zone 12, and contest the race for Mayor of Guelph. Why is the Star ignoring this team of bright, fresh, young candidates?

MSA policies feature: massive construction of rent-geared-to-income housing, expropriation of vacant units in large buildings, free public transit, cut the police budget by 50 per cent and invest in neglected social services, repair schools and reduce class size, hike property taxes on giant corporations and the banks, promote local agriculture, protect and increase green space, open washrooms and water fountains in parks, plant more trees, establish free 24-hour quality childcare and improve road safety.

For more information, please contact
Municipal Socialist Alliance
Call: 647-986-1917
[email protected]


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