Should Ontario Science Center be Moved to Ontario Place?

MSA Says, "NO" and Explain the Reasoning

1 min. read | By Kiri Vadivelu

What is MSA position on moving the Ontario Science Centre to Ontario Place?

Ontario Science Center
Ontario Science Center | © Kiri Vadivelu

We are totally opposed to moving the Ontario Science Centre to Ontario Place. In the first place, the OSC plays an important role in the Don Mills community as an attraction and a hub of educational and cultural activity.

Secondly, it was designed and built to last a long time, situated on a ravine that is largely unsuitable for housing towers or similar residential uses. The OSC should be repaired and upgraded so that it can be safely enjoyed by students, teachers, visitors from afar, and community members for many decades to come.

And thirdly, it would be an abomination to privatize a portion of Ontario Place for an exclusive luxury spa, with parking spaces for hundreds of cars, contradicting the goal of the Ontario Line to transport people to that part of the waterfront efficiently and with a minimum of pollution and traffic congestion.

One of our campaign slogans, which is quite pertinent in this case, is: Make more green spaces, not more parking spaces.

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