Socialist Reflection of Toronto Election

Socialist Reflection of Toronto Election

1 min. read | By Kiri Vadivelu

Thank you for your conscious decision to endorse a socialist for mayor of Toronto. I am truly proud of the members of Municipal Socialist Alliance and everyone who braved the moody wet weather to cast the ballot. You have invested your vote to bring the change you want to see in our community. You chose to lit the candle than to curse the darkness. Hence, I am hopeful that socialism will prevail.

Socialist for Mayor of Toronto
Socialist for Mayor of Toronto | © Kiri Vadivelu

Corporate media has won itself a status quo candidate Olivia Chow to maintain the crumbling capitalist system by invoking fear in the minds of workers as oppose to free choice.

Nothing to brag after finishing 29th out of 102 candidates but I find shelter in hope for democracy. I enjoyed marching in our streets for justice, I enjoyed decorating our landscape with socialist posters and I enjoyed folding our flag at the end of the day.

I know, our victory is work in progress. Thanks to Scarborough Tenants Union, Workers Action Movement, People’s Strike, Greater Toronto for BDS, Socialist Action and to all those endorsed, volunteered and stood in solidarity.

Let us continue to inspire everyone for transformation of our society from capitalism to socialism. Join us to make democracy happen.

Comradely, Kiri Vadivelu, Municipal Socialist Alliance

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