Slaves in Uniform with Big Dreams

by Kiri Vadivelu | 2 min. read pandemic

Even at the heights of pandemic killing workers, profit was the priority for the corporate scums

Big corporate criminals in coat, suit and tie behind the screens do more harm to workers than the COVID itself. Those parasites such as CEO John Campbell do not work or contribute to economy in any meaningful way but thrives by sucking the blood of employees. Even at the heights of pandemic killing workers, profit was the main priority for the secret scum family. Workers must stand up to the domestic terrorism or else our children would become homeless in the richest nations.

Securitas Canada Employees, 2021
Securitas Canada Employees, 2021 | © Kiri Vadivelu

"Security is an essential industry," states John Campbell, President of Securitas Canada. "What we're facing today, with the COVID-19 crisis, is clearly unprecedented. Securitas is committed to helping our clients, both current and new, maintain the safety of their people and properties.”

Note that he made no mention of safety of employees. And, he had enough time to provide false information report.

The same CEO refused to respond to me at the same time when psychopathic manager Marc Eskander and slave supervisor Radko Radkov were breaking workplace safety and employment laws in Ontario to terminate my employment; while threatening my United Steelworker union of terminating contract should they intervene by tactically delaying contract renewals.

Securitas Canada terminated my 10 years of services without any benefits in May 2020 and fraudulently falsified my record of employment stating that I quit. The stated reason “Quit” was false because I did not quit my job voluntarily. I was unable to continue working due to ongoing harassment during COVID and as a result of the injury occurred on Sunday, April 5, 2020.

Securitas Canada forced me to take unemployment insurance from tax payer dollars instead of paying my benefits from their corporate account. Big corporations like Securitas Canada, operate in ways to make sure they do not get caught for any violations and transfer all liabilities to the government.

Although it is a criminal offense to falsify record of employment in Canada, corporations do it anyways. 1. Employees are not diligent enough to figure out the complicated laws. 2. Corporations have lawyers ready to defend at all cost or wear out government through abusing judicial system. 3. The penalties for corporations breaking law is low and reward is high. These are just few reasons but surely you get the point by now.

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