The Ecosystem of Wicked Problems

by Kiri Vadivelu | 2 min. read pandemic

Majority are becoming poor but who already have wealth are hoarding massive resources is a perfectly flawed system

In a perfect world, all who strive to go forward socially and economically will be rewarded with fortunes; but, opposite of that is true. Even if the world is not perfect due to factors beyond the control of humans, most working people shall see a forward road map and rewards for individual accomplishments. However, majority are becoming poor but who already have wealth are hoarding massive resources, is a perfectly flawed system.

The Ecosystem of Wicked Problems
The Ecosystem of Wicked Problems | © Kiri Vadivelu

Therefore, it is bluntly obvious that the society is organized to benefit the few. The social ecosystem compromised of wicked problems that people are set to fight against each other rather than together for the common good. Upper class of wealthy rulers leave no room for question or change that would benefit the majority. If the majority benefits, the few will not be able to accumulate obscene amount of wealth. Indeed, the accumulated wealth is simply unpaid wages of the working people.

Without falling into the rabbit-hole of crooked economical system, one easily spot the problem of excessive greed. In order to benefit the greed, greedy will do everything possible to maintain the status quo. Beneficiaries of the wicked problems are owners and rulers but the working people. If all the working people start to demand fair share of the pie, the poverty will end. However, the status quo have invested in every corner to ensure nothing leaks to the poor from the rich and the poor stay poor so the rich can reap the fruits of labour.

Any effort to end the insanity of poverty, begins with dismantling the system which protect the wealthy. For instance, police operate on public tax dollars to oppress the majority to maintain the social order that benefit the rich. The rich will do everything possible under the sun to make sure that will not happen. Using media and ruling politicians, the rich will make sure they write the policies to control the outcome. Real change means for working people to rise against all evils and march toward the change.

Poor are poor not because of natural causes but of intentional misplacement of resources to maintain the status quo. The wicked problems in society today are the by-product of fabricated social disorder that benefits the rich. The day when workers stop fighting among each other would be the beginning of great nightmare for the wealthy. An economy based on sharing principle as oppose to hoarding would be a truly balanced and fair society.

Of course, the one whose profit depends on selling headache medicines would ever want to solve headaches permanently. Instead of accepting the rich narrative, when workers see their own narrative, wickedness likely to be obvious. The insanity loop of poverty, war, disease and immigration crisis are not natural causes but human creations to keep the few in comfort. When economy is based on peace, not just December 25 but everyday can be Christmas too.

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