Brand Politics to Legitimize Dictatorship

by Kiri Vadivelu | 1 min. read politics

Historical analyze of Reagan's Republic and Clinton's Democracy reveal that both parties are just the same brand under different banners

In Canada, we have four mainstream political parties but only two ruled almost the entire time. The red liberal lies and the blue conservative crooks. Although both parties appears to have difficult political platform, in reality, both are just the same with altered words. If we analyze the decisions of each party historically, we would be shocked to know that both parties are just the same brand packaged under different names. Sadly, Obama dropped more bombs, killed more people and replaced legitimate leaders in third world countries than than Trump did.

Legitimacy of Dictatorship under Obama
Legitimacy of Dictatorship under Obama | © Kiri Vadivelu

Neither of the mainstream party serve the needs of the people but the interest of the ruling class. Big corporations have full control over both parties, they know there is a price tag for everyone. In the modern era, no politician ever have gone broke or homeless after defeat in election.

That is why, politicians must be honest with people before getting elected and even more after getting elected. Instead of selling the interest of the people to big corporations and transfer public assets to CEOs, politicians must be loyal to the people and the country; not greed.

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