The Corporate Cash Cow in Action

by Kiri Vadivelu | 2 min. read science

Workers were left to die at the frontline to earn poverty wages; meanwhile, big Pharma milked all the tax dollars

Over the years, public distrust in our government and big corporations was declining at a rapid rate. As always, elected governments were not representing the majority; instead, advocated for the agenda of the elites and the few at the top. Meanwhile workers were left to die at the frontline to earn poverty wages; squeezed between high cost of food and greedy bankers.

Milked by big pharma
Milked by the Big Pharma, 2020 | © Kiri Vadivelu

As COVID was pounding on the workers, big Pharma used every tool available at the arsenal to collude with the government to empty our tax dollars. Big Pharma was really concerned with public safety because their eyes were locked onto the jackpot. Rather than using the tax money to properly fund our education, public services and improve the lives of vulnerable people, government handed the jackpot to big Pharma so they can live happily ever after while our lives become more miserable.

Whenever government give away our tax payer dollars to corporations and war, no one asked who is paying for it?

Endless vaccines, who is paying for it? Weapon donations, who is paying for it? People have all the reason to be outraged and they did through peaceful demonstrations. Sadly, our government arrested, charged and demonized people. All for what? So they can keep big Pharma happy and launch more rockets to space instead of funding our hospitals.

When people ask government to pay for education and social programs, the response is no but they had all the money for endless vaccines and destruction of our planet. People are not gullible anymore. We do not trust that ruling party has any interest in protecting the working people. The greatest transformation and reorganization of our society is necessary to protect everyone. Let us not fight each other, let us unite to protect each other from the common enemy.

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