Stand with Ukraine People; Not NATO Regime

by Kiri Vadivelu | 1 min. read war

Working class unity is the most threat that elected dictators are concerned in capitalist countries

No war is good except class war. However, we do not always get to hear the full story in the mainstream media. Our corporate media and elites have an agenda that undermine our democracy and wellbeing of everyone except rulers and corporates.

NATO war machine in Ukraine
NATO War Machine in Ukraine, 2021

People are kept divided so it makes the life of ruling class easier. It is always the working class majority suffer the most in crisis. Indeed, all workers have many things in common with each other than the rulers, media and the elites. Working class unity is the most threat that fake democratic and elected dictatorship countries are concerned.

Love your neighbours, love your coworker and know that another worker is not your enemy. Let us build class solidarity. We want to lead by majority representation not the ruling class minority with white supremacy agenda to sell weapons and continue war that destroys all lives on our planet.

Real people of Ukraine and Russia are the victims of evil supremacy war. Let us not fall for manipulation anymore. If we are united, we can minimize the suffering. Let us build class solidarity, be vigilant and prepare to free all oppressed from the evils. Read More.

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