How to be a Human among Robots?

by Kiri Vadivelu | 3 min. read arts

The imaginary society wraps around us and keep us unreal to accomplish its wishes, humans are simply products or tools to serve a purpose and to be flushed after use

Ever wondered why things are so messed up in life? On surface all looks fine and simple but as look deeper, everything feels artificial, untrue and contradicts with one another. Isn’t that the world about kindness, sharing and being in peace? But, no one feels any of them. One must listen to inner voice to understand and feel the artificial nature of society.

Double Speak of Sociopaths & Psychopaths
Double Speak of Sociopaths & Psychopaths | © Kiri Vadivelu

As cliche as it sounds, we should listen to our hearts but rarely we do. The imaginary society wraps around us and keep us unreal to accomplish its wishes, humans are simply products or tools to serve a purpose and to be flushed after use. The glamour and sense of value only lasts while in use.

Human beings are vastly different from human robots. Human beings are driven by the universal energy to understand, empathize, connect and live in peace with one another. However, human robots use the same channel to manipulate human beings to accomplish hidden motives. Human robots are predatory by default, pretend to understand human beings but prey on the weakness to move their own agenda.

Understanding the difference between human beings and human robots involves systematic analysis of two types of human personalities. Both sociopath and psychopath characteristics are primary traits of human robots. First, sociopathy may have little empathy and a habit of rationalizing their actions. But they do know the difference between right and wrong but they could careless. However, psychopathy involves no sense of morality or empathy, an ideal human robot.

Human robots of both sociopath and psychopath are extremely dangerous to civilization. Most often times, these individuals tend to hold high ranking authoritative roles in society to exercise power over people. They could be extremely charming or intelligent but all are tools for manipulation and prey on the weakness.

The idea that robots are going to invade earth is simply a distraction. Earth is filled with human robots with little to no empathy to hurt, kill and destroy everything it touches. The excessive greed is the vehicle that produce more robots everyday right in front of us. Bank industry is a legitimate scam that will only employ robots or soon to be robots disguised as great customer service agents.

Where do we draw the line in terms of defining excessive greed? For millionaire, another million would be enough. For a billionaire, another billion is enough. Excess greed can be understood as anything that can be more than what a human can eat in few days. The notion that one needs more than one week sufficient food in order to avoid working is unhealthy, laziness and live full of fear not dream.

The business society, by default anti-human society have produced enough robots to destroy the planet. It continues to push remaining human beings to become robots to fit into the society. People coerced to fit in and act like robots or to become unemployed, be homeless and ultimately starved to death in modern society.

A corporate office is an example of robotic community. Particularly, the banking industry on the infinite of growth is the finest manufacturers of robots. Any government that follows the footprint of corporation for growth is just naive party to the destruction of planet. The industry is so out of touch with reality that would defend 15 million salary to a CEO while stand against minimum wage growth for workers in the community it serves.

Human beings are powerless against corporate robots to achieve anything individually. For instance, any one person walking into a bank to ask for account based on income would be laughed at and escorted out of the bank. Banks will increase fees on poor so rich can pay less to keep their money.

As individuals, we have no control over the lives of other but ours. We can live in ways to be truly happy and find meaning in our life through opting out of the robotics race. After all, human robots cannot experience real happiness in life but human beings can.

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