Mortgage Slavery Not A Financial Freedom

by Kiri Vadivelu | 2 min. read justice

Black slavery may have ended but slavery did not end but transformed into slavery of humanity

We live in a market driven economy where rich get rich and the poor get poor. Why can we not end the circus? It turns out we can if we exercise some common sense and compassion to those have less than us. One prerequisite is to lose interest in material wealth altogether that some would not even capable of doing at their death bed.

Financial Freedom from Banks
Financial Freedom from Banks | © Kiri Vadivelu

Let us start with renters. If you are currently renting, please do not buy a house. If you happen have a friend who is a real estate just got the license and being a pain, just ask for large sum of down payment. Dosage may vary depends on the individual and friendship but that would get them off your back.

Lets say you have money and want to invest. Instead of investing in housing, consider creating local jobs through education and some form of service driven industry. Do not invest in housing, thats inhuman because housing is for people not profit. Even, a tech start up like ours Digital Designers is a good place to start.

Do not invest in banks that support corporate terrorism and wars on poorest parts of the world. Why would you want to make profit off innocent lives and suffering? Remember, you may be making money in your sleep but your money is causing an innocent person to bleed or starve to death without your knowledge.

An banker who stare at the made up digital graphs all day will not tell you exactly how your money is being used. The fantasy of investing in developing countries is only as true as oil companies investing in climate change or pedophile providing low cost daycare services. However, if you happen to believe in zionism, hats off to you. (irony)

Whether you are a renter or landlord, do not dream of living rent free ever. Thats not good for economy and your health. A good employment is essential to achieve individual potential in society. But, go to work because you want to; not because you have to like in religious capitalism.

If you are radically motivated to good with your money, buy multiple house or condo rent to multiple tenants, make rent geared to income and explain to the bank that economical circumstances leading up to your circumstances. Ask bank for help, if they deny, tell them to see you in consumer court. You have the power to walkaway not the bank.

Now, you bought a house with the money you do not have yet not a slave to the bank and you done something awesome that only a few would dream of doing it. The circus ends here. You did it.

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