Contribution of Jeffrey Epstein to Philanthropy

by Kiri Vadivelu | 2 min. read corruption

Just because Jeffery is died, that does not mean the pedophile empire is vanished but no media have the courage to report empire corruption

One primary reason American people are blind to injustice everywhere is because no one invaded America over a century. Instead of building relationship, American elites have been burning bridges internationally. Only way to have friendship with the elites of United States is to participate to commit crime against humanity such as philanthropy work; best defined as private pedophile projects (P3).

Jeffrey Epstein with British Royal Family
Jeffrey Epstein with British Royals | © Kiri Vadivelu

The case of Jeffrey Epstein is the prime example of corrupted powers of American Empire. The ability of Jeffrey to build close relationship with ruling elites of United States, British Monarchy and big corporate executives across Europe is unimaginable in a country known for law and order. Rather than deflecting, American people can save America through holding those in power accountable, refuse to participate in war, violence and destruction.

Everyone knows Jeffrey died by hanging but law enforcement is incapable of investigating truthfully due to political conflicts. Some know all clients of Jeffrey but no media have the courage to report empire corruption. Just because Jeffery is died, that does not mean the pedophile empire is vanished. Today, the systematic inability of average Americans to relate to a homeless American means the cult culture is live and well.

A simple method to debug any private cult system is to be skeptical of those in power and ones with enormous wealth. Indeed, the cult system require wearing of business attire, appearing charismatic in public, speaking neutral words and showing faith to criminal system. Those are essential skills to build cult empire of any sorts. In the great America, criminals can walk free but those expose crimes such as Snowden or Assange are guaranteed to be demonized and prisoned.

Not all Americans are free in a country that they love except the elites but average Americans are too naive to understand the basics of power and politics. Only when American elites are under threat of invasion, they would likely to value human lives and world peace. When average Americans rise, we all rise, only a homeless American can understand.

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