Hidden Truth About Financial Investment

by Kiri Vadivelu | 2 min. read crime

American military missed the opportunity to control the outcome when Russia reacted to NATO terrorism

As revolutionary economist and German philosopher , Karl Marxist is a harsh critique of capitalist economic system. As a humanitarian, he felt that the capitalist system is unsustainable model, cruel to humanity and evil that thrives on the organized violence against people. He advocated for better society that would preserve economy, humanity and planet; though his vision was never fully implemented in practice due to variety of conflicts.

Legitimacy of financial investment systems
Legitimacy of Financial Investment | © Kiri Vadivelu

His prominent work “The Communist Manifesto” was even inspired his opponents to create “The Capitalist Manifesto” a copycat version.

Since material wealth was an uninspiring trait of his type, he pursued a working class lifestyle. In return, he reaped the benefit of most accurate predictions of capitalist system without illicit personal profit hinderance. As he predicted, the new world order is inevitable due to backward system of capitalism. Surprisingly, the big corporate actors seeking to steer the ship to control the destiny would only accelerate the transition of new social, economical and political order due to civil unrest. Some 200 hundred years ago, he argued that capitalism will not share wealth but must be seized by the people ultimately, that holds true even today.

Due to high exposure to political propaganda with low intelligence to challenge the narrative resulted in misinformed population. Today, the United States, gold dollar turned into energy dollar, finally lost its value. American military has missed the opportunity to control the outcome when Russia reacted to NATO terrorism. Nuclear war is a no go zone; therefore, global defeat of capitalism is accepted. Investing in Yuan and Ruble is the future for those holding dollars at the moment. Unless, everyone come to realize that religions are fairy tales with primary role is to support corporate capitalism.

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