Undisputed NATO Interventions from Libya to Ukraine

by Kiri Vadivelu | 2 min. read corruption

Past actions of NATO speak louder than words but Ukraine’s Zelenskyy dreams differently.

Past actions of NATO speak louder than words but Ukraine’s Zelenskyy dreams differently. From Vietnam to Iraq or from Libya to Ukraine, the outlook is the same. Without war, America would go bankrupt. Either Zelenskyy is too naive to know the American war economy or just too Nazi to value the lives of Ukraine people. Even winning a war against Russia at all odds may not work in favor of Ukraine, then why would Zelenskyy choose war?

Clare Daly, Ireland
Clare Daly, Ireland | © Kiri Vadivelu

To love peace and support Ukraine is to speak the truth; however, it’s nearly impossible to change the comfortable narrative that keeps few Americans happy. Without doubt, installing American democracy comes at at the expense of world peace and innocent lives. As long as American banks makes money, war, violence and injustice will continue, sadly.

The day when America goes bankrupt, the world will find peace. When 186 countries vote to end economical war against Cuba, only America and Israel seek to continue beyond 60 years. Just fact, plain and simple.

The NATO intervention in Libya, carried out in the name of protecting freedom, democracy and human rights, is one we’d do well to remember as NATO plays out its proxy war in Ukraine in the name of, you’ve guessed it, freedom, democracy and human rights.

Gadaffi was deposed and tortured by NATO-backed militants in October 2011, with his mutilated corpse left on display in a meat market in the city of Misrata. Once an oil-rich and prosperous nation, Libya descended into anarchy following his murder, with an Amnesty International report earlier this year describing conditions there as “hellish.”

“What happens after NATO intervenes in your country on this basis?” Daly asked EU lawmakers. “Terror, death, lawlessness, rape, poverty, starvation.”

“Libya is a country riven by conflict, its economy shattered, its population – formerly the wealthiest in Africa – ridden and mired in poverty,” she continued. “Migrants are bought and sold in slave markets. It’s a country of mass graves, of crimes against humanity. This is NATO’s legacy.”

Credits: Clare Daly, Ireland

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