Role of Media in a Rigged Western Economy

by Kiri Vadivelu | 2 min. read media

Protecting the interest of the ruling class is the primary duty of any corporate journalism in the western democracy

Many whom marched to the streets during the pandemic overwhelmingly agree that economy is rigged. Some argue that big corporations have become extremely greedy while others blame corrupted powers exploiting the people’s economy. But, where do the media fit in the rigged economy is the real analysis.

Portrait of a Rigged Economy
Portrait of a Rigged American Economy | © Kiri Vadivelu

Neither of the arguments such as greed or corrupt are wrong. Both issues lead us to better understand the social, economical and political conditions of time in relation to media portrayal of reality. While mass media appear to remain neutral, the type of news coverage and selection bias along with length of analysis plays significant role in governing the society.

The mainstream media simply exist to maintain the status quo of political ruling system. Although journalists are members of the community, journalism closely serves the state that control the masses. In reality, corporate media and the journalism have more interest in revenue than social change; thus, status quo reporting operates in such rigged manner to distort facts.

From people rising against inequality to vaccine mandate strikes, media used careful choice of wording to demonize people. Those who resisted vaccine mandates were labelled “anti-vax” then those educational workers were called “illegal strikers” for demanding fair wages and better working conditions.

The mass media always played an important role in democracy; however, the importance only means to serve the rigged political system and tyrant leaders, not community advancement.

For instance, crime news reporting bring great deal of legitimacy to rigged media. The tone, language, selection and exclusion of key analysis reveal the real usefulness of media to democracy. Mass media rarely miss crime reporting such as shootings, assaults and robberies. However, reporting of crime news coverage ensure does not go deeper where people would actually seek real solutions to the cause of crime instead of artificial conclusions.

The crime coverage would indirectly support increasing funding for police but not social harmony. Instead of building bridge between the haves and the have nots, sinister media would 'evilize' the individuals and make people fearful of each other. The real solution would mean to reduce inequality but that require friends of the ruling class having to share the profit with people.

Today, United States is the most dangerous place for American people. An average American is likely to be killed by random angry shooter or hostile police interaction than any external source. However, mainstream media continue to sell the narrative that Americans are unsafe due to an unknown enemy and therefore oversea war is necessary to protect Americans.

The role of media under capitalism is highly automated that anyone with some analytical skills can easily uncover the recipe. Nonetheless, any journalists with the courage to report on class war likely be blacklisted and become unemployed. All corporations including media act with the unspoken understanding that upsetting the status quo is an undesirable trait under any economical condition.

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