Pandemic Exposure of Canadian Double Standards

by Kiri Vadivelu | 2 min. read culture

Covid assistance made Liberal government appear humanitarian but the reality is opposite

As the COVID emergency slammed the brake on the world economy, a radical action was forced to protect the people. Unexpectedly, the impact of pandemic death toll driven lock downs coerced even the capitalist countries to roll out emergency assistance. Without a choice, Canadian liberal government rolled out temporary $2000 paycheque for all Canadians. The program made Liberal government to appear as the most radical left humanitarian government; but, the reality is the opposite.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland
PM Justin Trudeau & FM Chrystia Freeland, 2021 | © Kiri Vadivelu

Although, lock down saved lives and kept the hospitalizations under control, it exposed the long standing cracks in the capitalist system. The hospitals were underfunded and frontline workers were exploited; while being praised as heroes. Most frontline workers had their bravery bonus seized back within months of rolling out. Immediately after, the COVID assistance stopped and coerced vulnerable workers to return to work without even implementing living wage or addressing housing crisis.

Most conservative Canadians were critical of emergency assistance to workers. However, the harsh critiques refrained from calling out the large number of emergency fund recipients; both wealthy Canadians and even hundreds of millionaires. Those cheques were quietly returned to the government without penalty. No one asked how they were eligible to collect the life saving money that supposed to go to the most vulnerable population in the first place.

The secret answer is the broken taxation system that favoured the rich for hundreds of years. All three levels of government and mainstream parties knew the loophole in the system; but, never addressed the real problem. Vocal critiques are in complicit with the capitalist system to further oppress the working people; which makes Canada a perfect capitalist country. All parliamentarians happily accepted a pay increase while downgrading frontline workers to non essential within few months.

Canadian liberals are not left but protectors of corrupted, tyrannical and violent capitalist system. Freedom convey had the potential to demand real change but quickly squashed by the iron fist of the liberal tyranny. Instead of hate, uniting the real left and right may bring the revolutionary change every patriotic Canadian wants.

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