No Pride in American Show Business

by Kiri Vadivelu | 2 min. read politics

First black woman to Supreme Court of United States may not translate into meaningful change for average Americans

While most American friends of colour are proud about the nomination of first black woman Ketanji Brown Jackson to Supreme Court of United States, the great personal achievement may not translate into meaningful change for average Americans; basing on the recent history of show business in politics. Outside of media glamorization, there is nothing black about Obama, Harris or Jackson.

Ketanji Brown Jackson to Supreme Court
Ketanji B. Jackson to US Supreme Court | © Kiri Vadivelu

When Barrack Obama entered the white house as 44th president, the whole world hoped for positive change in and out of America; to be liberated from oppression. However, the double term president was far worse, with charismatic smile dropped bombs and killed thousands of innocent people in Middle East without facing any consequence.

A notable achievement was repealable Obamacare. Meanwhile, Obama untouched the private medical industry, prison profiteers and slavery waging system that exploited most vulnerable. Indeed, Americans were so outraged and elected a most right wing nationalistic billionaire republican Donald J. Trump to save America in January 2017.

Next hype came around the nomination of first Southeast Asian female Vice President Kamala Harris. Under the longest serving president Joe Biden, Kamala is just different in colour and name and that serves visual purposes only. She replaced previous colonizers; if not worst than expected in delivering to Americans at the bottom of the food chain. Police violence against people of colour not only increased but also justified.

When Amazon workers in New York voted to form largest union in a century, all of Americans, Canadians and Mexicans celebrated; however, not a single politician in power supported or even joined the victory. Sadly, real Americans are consumers of misinformation and political propaganda. After all, Obama, Clinton and Bush are fierce defenders of capitalism. Interestingly, the difference between Hollywood and politics are razor thin.

Based on recent history, future impact of Judge Ketanji is not difficult to predict. Her entry has already shaken the grounds of existing black supreme court judge Clarence Thomas. Sadly, the real purpose of American capitalist government is to protect the share holders of corporations. Nothing for Americans to celebrate except for news worthiness of media content for show business. Without doubt, accomplishment of Judge Ketanji help draft future movie plot for Hollywood directors to sell more violence or justify the existence of military complex on the back of poorest Americans.

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