Santa Claus Parade Promotes Death Cult Business

by Kiri Vadivelu | 2 min. read culture

All three are perfectly united evil friends who make sure masses are controlled in a way to protect the interest of the ruling class

The capitalist system have become so destructive that cruel thinking is the norm. If you ever wonder how people sell positive vibes and positive attitude, thats because entire social atmosphere is filled with negative energy. After all, one way thinking have traveled too far to acknowledge possibilities of multiple routes. Santa Claus parade is a mockery of our foolishness to believe the capitalist death cult that pretends to save lives with nuclear weapons.

Middle Finger to Santa Claus
Middle Finger to Santa Claus | © Kiri Vadivelu

Since 4th to 21st century, the lasting of Santa Claus story reinforce the poverty, inequality and injustice in society throughout centuries. Somehow, Santa is a great commercial success through bringing gross profit and excessive waste. All while shifting attention away from corporate greed and political forgery that keep people poor. Sadly, economically underprivileged children wish for a Christmas magic to change their fate.

Would Santa Claus have denied life saving medicines to poorest people? Of course not but thousands of children across the world died due to lack of care during COVID. While true Christians were praying, American military were dropping bombs for the past 100 plus years. Are we not guilty for letting our government to kill people overseas and create immigrations crisis using our tax dollars? Likely yes and may be our bank CEOs, weapon manufactures, landlords and politicians are not honest with their children.

On the positive note, lock your wallet and spare your kindness for real social change. Young children are smarter enough to know that Santa Claus is an evidence of false reality and mockery of service to humanity. Instead of sitting on Santa’s lap for picture, young people are showing the middle finger to end the system of fraudulent. The last 17 century commercial development of Santa story only normalized systematic deception, political forgery and economical poverty.

Whatever is convenient to oppression and control must be faced with public shame and rejection. From unconscious acceptance of cruelty to active rejection of injustice is the real service to Christ and humanity thereafter. In 21 century, Santa Claus parade is a death cult business that children shall mock with demand for living wage.

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