Barrier to Democracy, Status Quo Benefits

by Kiri Vadivelu | 2 min. read democracy

Elected leaders who represent people have no interest in addressing the root cause of the problem such as poverty

The housing is a crisis situation in Toronto. Average wait time to receive a rent geared to income housing in the big city is 10 years. Sadly, poverty does not wait that long but the status quo does not care. If one was to ask, why does things get worse year after year, the answer is simple. Those who represent the people have no interest in addressing the root cause of the problem such as poverty.

Barrier to Democracy at Shelters, Toronto
Barrier to Democracy at Shelters, Toronto | © Kiri Vadivelu

Instead of solving inequities, status quo politicians only interested in accumulating personal wealth and transfer public to private corporations; where they end up retiring as board members with public pension.

At the same time, status quo politicians ensure the system that make wealth for the few does not change. Why would they? Often, the working poor pays the price regardless of political leaning.

The status quo administrations further exploits the poor through not removing real barriers to democracy. When those who care to change the status quo become involved in politics, the status quo ensure barriers exist prevent political enlightenment.

As a candidate for Scarborough Centre, Ward 21, my campaign primarily focuses on building housing for all and solving inequities. When I attended a city run shelter at 1229 Ellesmere Road in Scarborough to speak to residents, I was denied entry by the city staff and escorted out of the building on October 9, 2022 during canvassing ours.

The justification was that I did not book an appointment. After realizing, Birkdale Shelter made terrible mistake by denying me access, the following day response, apparently city did not deny access but I did not make an appointment to visit.

Truth is that our city is being run by psychopaths who have no respect for the lives of the working poor. If making appointment was necessary during canvassing hours, that places enormous burden on the candidate; thus, status quo does not change.

City does not want poor people to vote, the actions of the city staff speak louder. The demand to make an appointment confirms the psychopathic nature of status quo administrations.

I have been to many private buildings and high secure residences to speak to residents, not a single one denied entry nor demanded I make an appointment but the city did. What a shame to our democracy.

Status quo does not care and also do not want anyone else to care about poverty. Therefore, democracy is an illusion in Toronto. City hall is just an elected tyranny exist to legalize tax dollar extortion without public inquiry.

If one was to care about fair elections in the city, public outrage is guaranteed. When there are obvious barriers to democracy, there is no democracy.

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