What Drives Me to Fight for Change?

by Kiri Vadivelu | 2 min. read democracy

In the most civilized western hemisphere, democracy is an illusion but suffering is real

Most often, we strive to fight against the system that degrades humanity but at some point, we lose energy and motivation to fight. Thats the way our status quo system is designed so no change can happen from the grassroots. Working class people have no choice but to fight till the end or surrender to the status quo.

Tamil King Pandara Vanniyan, 1700
Tamil King Pandara Vanniyan, 1700 | © Kiri Vadivelu

Our political administration is a corrupted tyranny leadership that put profit before people. Ever wonder why injured people have to fight for benefits that they already insured through employment? It is a perfect example of deny by design system. Or the 10 year wait for affordable housing in the city.

Today, we have no democracy but suffering from housing to education, from employment to economical equality. Those psychopaths rather have our future doctors, lawyers and teachers grow in poverty so few can fly in private jets and pursue inhuman lifestyle.

Those at the top of the food chain have vested interest in keeping the system to benefit the few. Therefore, any input at any level goes to deaf ears. Going to court in a capitalist society is a gamble since the case can be dropped at any point, even justice can be bought in the end.

My hero, the last standing King Pandara Vanniyan never surrendered but died in the battlefield against European colonizers in 1700. He knew what was coming 300 years ago, the oppression and exploitation in coat, suit and tie. As a child, playing under his statue in my second home town Katchilaimadu must have embraced something in me.

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