In Politics, Elect Policy; Not Personality

by Kiri Vadivelu | 2 min. read democracy

Politics is a manipulative blame game of power and greed without responsibility in western society

Politics is often thought of as a complicated subject but its not. If we apply common sense instead of feelings, it would be crystal clear and simple to understand. Politics is a manipulative blame game of power and greed without responsibility in western society.

Socialism vs Capitalism in Western Hemisphere
Socialism vs Capitalism in Western Hemisphere | © Kiri Vadivelu

Regardless of media portrayal, focusing on the policy is more useful than personality when it come to politics. Personality is the trick and the policy is the treat. Using the corporate media, ruling powers keep the public confused or misinformed.

By default, all governments serve the interest of corporations; not people. Since corporations cannot vote; therefore, people vote is required to rule. What people actually should do is to demand policy while campaigning instead of being carried away with single issue slogan driven sentiments. Asking for policy questions would force candidates to be accountable and reveal themselves to the public.

In practice, majority of Liberal and Conservative status quo politicians prey on the innocence of general public to win elections. Political candidates tries to appeal to everyone by campaigning using deceptive buzz words and once elected write policy to benefit few. It’s a vicious cycle of politics.

Keeping people divided is a strategy that worked well for centuries. Politicians know that if people start to ask questions about real solutions to social problems and rising inequality, the deceptive buzz word politics is over. When public come to understand the inner nature of manufactured fear driven politics, ruthless rulers would be terrified of the public and honesty would become the baseline.

Everyone wants democracy but no one can have one, it is system perfectly designed to create conflict so status quo remains unchanged. Capitalism competes and do not corporate; capitalism breeds culture of violence; not peace and order. Putting people before profit is no go zone for corporate government of all kinds.

Therefore, electing policy instead of personality may be the only way to reduce economical inequality in the violent capitalist society.

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