Our Good Samaritans are Scapegoats

by Kiri Vadivelu | 1 min. read justice

Edward Snowden exposed crimes against humanity only to be viewed as criminal in the corporate America

Early pioneers of democratic system really had good intention to preserve the humanity; however, the ruling class did not. Political rulers seize power using variety of social manipulation in order to serve the few and themselves in the process. Regretfully, lies are manufactured, humanity is sacrificed and people are divided in the most free world.

Political injustice to Edward Snowden
Political Injustice to Edward Snowden | © Kiri Vadivelu

Today, the ruling class owns everything from life saving science to truth seeking journalism. Ruling leaders have perfectly exploited the weakness of the system to protect the interest of the corporations. An American intelligence officer Edward Snowden who exposed crimes against humanity is expected to be viewed as criminal. Did our pioneers fail Snowden or people failed as a society to seek truth?

The picture attached contain Obama, Netanyahu and Snowden. One of them killed the most people overseas using advanced military technology with a charismatic smile and won Nobel peace prize. The next one excelled at dividing people using lies, misinformation and special standards in the legal system to protect one group while mercilessly kill another without accountability and be glorified in the mainstream media.

At last, a good samaritan concerned about liberty, democracy and justice, is portrayed as evil; by the first two. Shockingly, real criminals are in front of us and their actions speak louder than words; yet they are not being held accountable.

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