Faith Business in the Name of Christ

by Kiri Vadivelu | 2 min. read religion

Anti-abortion church advocacy does not move an inch toward preventing child labour, poverty, rape or even murders

The great old saying is “money talks, bullshit walks”. The statement is so brief often get overlooked after the initial conversation. But, the four words shall not only be memorized but must be applied on day to day interactions with authorities should one concerned about knowing the truth of any subject matter. All religious services; particularly churches operate based on donations; one shall follow the money to the destination.

Mark Twain on Fooling the Masses
Mark Twain on Fooling of People | © Kiri Vadivelu

Majority of the faith service recipients are at the bottom of the food chain and bring a fraction of value to the church. However, those at the top of the food chain bring largest amount of donations and consume least amount of services. Reasoning as to why rich donates can vary; motivational factors include but not limited to tax break, social status and individual satisfaction.

Although, tax breaks, volunteers and expenditure relieves are available, faith based system requires consistent income to compensate employees and offer services to public. Since faith service also operate as a business, attempt to be sustainable if not profitable for the least. Maintaining the status quo is better than demanding change or seek solution to the social problems such as living wage. Simultaneously, no church leaders would desire to upset the large business donors and political powers.

Interestingly, the only campaign all churches participate in chorus is the anti-abortion. Reason being, abortion is considered immoral and does not irritate political powers or businesses but in return even bring more donations to the churches. The one and only evergreen anti-abortion church advocacy does not move an inch toward preventing child labour, poverty, rape or even murder at the hands of the authority. Retail chain Walmart exploitation of underage workers in overseas were rejected.

Ironically, the worst the social condition gets, the better is for the churches. The ongoing misery would bring more members and that would justify the need of faith based businesses. Systematically, churches tend to shift all blames to individual; which keeps complainants out of local constituent offices. Therefore, not only churches but all faith based system that require income to operate do benefit from the misfortunes of people as much as corrupted politicians.

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