White Advantage of the Holocaust

by Kiri Vadivelu | 1 min. read justice

When people suffer injustice, compassion is shared mutually without conditions but not zionist state Israel

When apartheid Israel restricted Ukraine refugees fleeing war, the inhumane decision not only received international condemnation but also encouraged to revisit the era of holocaust.

White privilege on stolen land
White Privilege on Stolen Land | © Kiri Vadivelu

The reality of 80 million blacks murdered in United States during the civil war is gruesome if not more, than the 6 million Jews killed in Germany. Unlike Jews, the black community continue to experience the repercussion of racial discrimination.

Many scholars did not challenge the narratives of holocaust theoretically. To minimize unintended consequences, all of the claims were accepted as claimed at face value even in international court cases. Historically, when people suffer injustice, compassion is shared mutually without conditions.

However, the choice to accept all Jews with cap on non-Jews from Ukraine reveal that apartheid state only have compassion for their own kind. Furthermore, the attitude of zionist Jews toward black and the minority community echoes the similar sentiments.

White people enjoy white privilege; precisely, zionist jews enjoy white privilege and use holocaust to suppress all voice of injustice. Therefore, the zionist Jews must have lot of white privilege balls to stand on this stolen and occupied continent and to complain about immigration.

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