The Rapid Rise of Fascism in India

by Kiri Vadivelu | 2 min. read culture

The birthplace of Hinduism is facing the threat of extinction at the hands of Hindu nationalism

Unlike what is believed to be, Hinduism is not a religion, it is a way of life. Eventually, the practice of Hinduism became a disciplined religion. Not only Hinduism is the oldest religion in the world but many advancement of modern civilization roots back to Hindu way of life.

Rising fascism in India
Rising of Fascism in India | © Kiri Vadivelu

While early doctrine of Hinduism was promising for the eternity of lives; it also revealed the potential to demise and destruct the nature of humanity. The human interpretation of god and drafting variation of Hindu gods among different regions and tribes could be seen as the path of demise.

From the beginning of civilization, the practice of Hinduism mandated the harmony relationship among different faith, believes and systems. Although, individual and group conflicts existed among Hindus, the universal and harmony nature of Hinduism ensured all to exist peacefully.

Indeed, Hindus admire other religions such as Islam, Christianity, Buddhism and Judaism even though forced conversions existed in the early colonization period. In the span of last 500 years, some Hindus chose to practice Islam during Mogul Empire and later Christianity during British Empire.

The term “developed” to describe Europe and North American countries undermine the human advancement in Asian countries such as India. Due to repeat colonization and wars, Asian countries did not have the opportunity to protect the development. To use the word “developing” to describe India without accompanying colonization is a discrimination.

Since over 80 percent of population were Hindus, the woke Hindus formed nationalistic movement to seize power. Religion is a powerful tool; which can be used both right and wrong ways in politics - Hinduism is not immune from misapplication. Today, the Hindu national movement plays the British Empire playbook to divide and conquer because it works.

The birthplace of Hinduism is facing the threat of extinction at the hands of Hindu nationalism. The island known as Ceylon just 32 km south of India lost the grip of the country after electing Sinhalese nationalistic government. The Hindu nationalistic movement driven by the ambition to eradicate minorities; particularly Muslims from India is a betrayal to all people of India.

The toxic movement even casted shadow on the former rebel leaders of Tamil Eelam to discriminate Muslims in Sri Lanka. A terrible mistake that rebel leaders quickly realized and issued apology to Muslim communities. Likewise, the fascist Hindu national movement is an existential threat to democracy in India.

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