Educations Workers Fight for Economical Justice

by Kiri Vadivelu | 2 min. read labour

Education workers are rising from the ashes to defend democratic right to strike and demand living wage from Ontario corporate government

The large corporate funded misinformation campaign in the United States have lead all to believe communism is evil or at least cause fear about community sharing principles in the democratic society. Historically, corporate funded elections elected candidates in favour of banking industry. Hence, it provided a breeding grounds for state violence on civil movements, labour strikes and hate toward union members in North America. Ontario Education workers are rising from the ashes to defend democratic right to strike and demand living wage from the corporate government.

Education Workers on Picket line, 2022
Education Workers on Strike, Ontario, 2022 | © Kiri Vadivelu

Today, working people across the country are exploited to the era of slavery and denied the right to fightback in a democratic country. Unfortunately, voter apathy is being the elephant in the room continue to elect government based on fear not freedom, which undercut the democracy for corporate welfare system.

A quick dictionary definition of 'apathy' is 'lack of interest, enthusiasm, or concern.' Indeed, the general mood of working class people is anything but apathetic. There's lots of fear, confusion, uncertainty and an ocean full of as yet imprecise anger but very little apathy. Working people understand very clearly that things are bad, getting worse and heading for catastrophe. What is less clear to them is how they can possibly fight back and make a difference.

Of course, greedy bankers behind the screen moving every needle to profit more from the inflation. While increasing pay and benefits to their fat cat CEOs, economic crooks use fudged data points to benefit shareholders; not clients who use banks. Ruling class accept bank manipulation of economic system as long as it benefit the wealthy. That is why when bank fight against inflation that does not translate into fair wages for workers.

As a conscious participant of democracy, to make a useful contribution is to stop going on about how useless people are and how hopeless it all is. Today, education workers are taking defiant and powerful action and, in doing so, they are pointing the way forward and creating a sense of hope and possibility.

Underpaid education workers are up against a lot and it's not possible to promise in advance a morale boosting result. This, however, is a moment to offer a note of optimism and to appreciate that, defeats, limitations and contradictions notwithstanding, the class struggle is far from over and those who intend to win it are not crying in the wilderness.

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