Logic + Reasoning to Defeat Fear + Fascism

by Kiri Vadivelu | 3 min. read war

Being an impartial in this conflict would risk being identified as Russian Bot, I still choose not join the devious party

Nearly a year into Ukraine Russia conflict, people in the West and Europe continue to be divided while North American Treaty Organization (NATO) add fuel to the fire instead of diplomacy. Keeping the war prolong does not benefit humanity but only ruins innocent lives on both sides and accelerate planet destruction. Ironically, the weapon manufactures began celebrating Christmas since February 2022 and the cheering is going strong, still.

President Putin and Biden Back Facing
President Putin and Biden Back Facing | © Kiri Vadivelu

Meanwhile, bankers found an excuse to jack up pay and compensation to their bosses. Of course, corporate landlords and grocery chains in capitalist society do not share profits but expenses only. Ultimately, the NATO sponsored war bill lands on the shoulders of small businesses and the people in which countries are parties to the war.

Being an impartial in this conflict would risk being identified as Russian Bot, I still choose not join the devious party. As a Canadian who escaped a 30 year civil war to find a new home, war of any kind is not my cup of coffee. I truly wish peace and stability for both Ukraine and Russia although NATO war machine driven mainstream media have no interest in such rationality.

The long term injection of misinformation and disinformation about the conflict only derails the perception of reality for people in the respective nations particularly in Canada and the United States. In Toronto, I find it is easier to rationalize with people of China and Russia about the Ukraine Russia conflict than to a Canadian on war steroid after consuming mainstream media.

Most importantly, the criticism of Russia in the west have no logical reasoning but driven through emotional fear of communism taking over the planet. Again, the philosophy of communism is misunderstood in the west due to anti-communist campaign from the early 1930s when Toronto and Ontario Police assembled to issue death blow to the Communist Party in Canada.

Ultimately, the defenders of capitalism were successful in making communist party illegal in Canada; however, the ripple effect of profit driven decision costed Canadians lack of knowledge and awareness about political ideologies till today. Sadly, only salt and peppers were sold in the political market for Canadians over 100 years while rest of the world enjoyed all different flavours.

The general public in North America have no real understanding of communism, the people of Russia or sharing principles of socialism in any context. Embarrassingly, Canadians and American support the war because they fear communism as an evil vampire of some sort and therefore hate Russia. At the same time, if Russia continue to lead its people with reasoning as it does, the global transformation is irresistible. Likewise, if China continue to dominate the economy with low cost options, market is likely to stabilize long term growth for Chinese market.

For most North Americans though, going to gym is good for health is understood but learning about political ideologies is still a no go zone and overridden by fear and anxiety. Upton Sinclair once said, “It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding it” so barriers to democracy are everywhere.

Like anything in life, Chinese Socialism or Russian Communism is not a perfect political ideology but that is not reason to marry colonial capitalism that promoted war and violence with no regard for people and planet for 500 plus years. Realistically, the social bankruptcy of political knowledge in Canada and America continue to swallow Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) propaganda without exercising common sense.

The relentless effort of war profiteers and business driven media to feed misinformation to general public only destroy the health and well being of our people. Unlike CIA, I do not believe killing people overseas make anyone safer locally nor necessary. The merciless manufacturing of fear gives no room for rationality but to build hate and anger instead of love and compassion toward one another based on true understanding of fundamental differences.

The butterfly effect is my dream but how we achieve that depends on our collective efforts. On a larger scale, I believe Canadians have the potential to walk a new path to freedom, justice and liberty instead of money, profit and bullshit; but will the status quo allow the change of direction?.

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