American Strategy to Mobile Wealth Upwards

by Kiri Vadivelu | 1 min. read law

Elections in America are just ceremonies to make Americans and the people around the world to accept dictatorship

What separate America from previous empires is the economical strategy to mobilize wealth upwards, consistently. World economy contribute to the wealth of America through making all transactions in American dollars. After the fall of British Pounds, American dollar is considered to be the most reliable currency; that directly correspond to the military capacity of America to inflict violence against any sovereign nation.

American Wealth Upward Mobilization
American Wealth Upward Mobilization | © Kiri Vadivelu

Unlike the British, American economy strategists also known as Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) have a plan in place. Regardless of the type of political administrations, American economy wheels would only keep rolling in one direction. Elections can change the speed of economy wheels; however, none can change the direction of the journey.

Without surprise, the elections are just ceremonies to make Americans and the people around the world believe in democracy; however, politicians have no real purpose in governance of the country. The obsolete elected politicians are only responsible to sign documents and act as a protective layer for big corporations to mobile wealth upwards without making the greedy hands dirty.

While, CIA went from defending democracy to planting evidence on opponents in order to exercise violence; toilet paper is more useful to Americans than economy strategists. When Intelligence Officer, Edward Snowden exposed the scandals of American democracy, he knew he would not be safe in his country so do all good Americans.

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