United Snakes Keep Americans Broke

by Kiri Vadivelu | 2 min. read corporate

The corporate welfare system implemented by the CIA ensures that American tax dollars do not go into the hands of people. By keeping the money in the hands of big corporations, America can continue to dominate the world economy. Sadly, the economical dominance must also be backed with the ability to commit political violence in the name of war for peace to maintain the status quo.

Public confidence on United States
Public Confidence on United States | © Kiri Vadivelu

The crooked American economists only believe in the trickle down economics; which everyone know is the real scam to siphon out all tax dollars. Failures of such cruel system is evidenced through the lack of funding to programs that are directly beneficial to American people. Bankers of America ensure that US is at constant war with the world to accumulate wealth at expense of peace, humanity and order. Every 10 year, the American economy must be revived through warfare.

Today, the famous playbook of winning wars to maintaining war driven economy is in the hands of Russia. Meanwhile, American economical monopoly has finally come to face real competition from China. Real victims of systematically organized corporate violence are Americans working at the dead end jobs, young Americans that fall for Hollywood propaganda and defenseless innocent people overseas. The combination of Zionist wealth and American military is the recipe for disaster that anyone would have ever imagined.

America is the only country that would invade another country with no access to clean water to install oil pumps. The violence and cruelty is the primary culture of America; that is evidenced through the treatment of most vulnerable Americans in homeless towns of New York. Socially and psychologically, America is the poorest country in the world.

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