Apologies to Freedom Convey Canada

by Kiri Vadivelu | 1 min. read liberty

The enemy of people are elected tyrants working for the interest of the big corporations

As a left wing activist, I joined the mainstream narrative to discredit the legitimate concerns of the freedom convey movement. I am offended at my stupidity and regret my actions. I want to say that I am really sorry to all those I treated with disrespect for not taking vaccinations. Indeed, I was mocking at the people who were defending my interest.

Police assaulting protesters
Toronto Police Assaulting Protesters | © Kiri Vadivelu

Because of the ideological differences, I demonized the people who thought differently and did not understand the concerns completely. Vaccination should be a choice; not a control mechanism. I am not shamed to admit that I was misled by the mainstream media, for profit corporations and elected tyrants of our country.

On the first few days of the protest, I hated the movement. As days went on, I was able to reflect on my experience of COVID eviction at the hands of greedy corporate landlord. My family had to face the consequence of COVID while corporations only cared about profit. I was moved when I saw the old man; who was like my father, holding freedom sign being bruised by police.

Not only I felt shame and regret, I realized we have the common enemy. The enemy of people are elected tyrants working for the interests of the big corporations. We do not have to agree with each other but we can help each other achieve the best of humanity. Let us unite and fight against the common enemy of people.

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