God is in the Details of Perception

by Kiri Vadivelu | 2 min. read religion

Religion help the rulers but unity help everyone to liberate from the oppression

As they say, devil is in the details so do god. Our social pragmatics fail at the interpretation of god, miserably. The path to heaven paved with misinterpretation to false preaching and skewed perspective of the creator. No spiritual journey can be accomplished without right information at disposal. People united can never be defeated; that is the real insecurity of all power that intend to keep everyone divided.

Homelessness in Toronto, 2020
Homelessness in Toronto, 2020 | © Kiri Vadivelu

When one step out of the rituals, understanding the direction of the crowd become easier. Ancestors never demanded anyone to stop thinking or evolve with the nature. Never a sin to build relationship with god based on trust and respect; instead of fear alone. One shall rest on god for things that cannot be controlled but free from fear on things under one’s control.

The mighty god do not have labels though humans had to divide in order to conquer such as Hindu, Islam or Christian. Nonetheless, humanity was the ultimate religion but the interpretation have caused the conflict everywhere. When one is ready to take off the glasses, the true meaning of god is to be experienced. Religion help the rulers but unity help everyone to liberate from the oppression.

A true believer is more valuable than a thousand blind followers. Freedom to practice a religion also mean to ask questions. To seek truth, one require freedom to understand new perspectives. That means to ask questions in order to become true followers of any practice. No tyranny will come to free us but only we can liberate ourselves for freedom, equality and justice on a muddy ground.

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