Enemy of Free Speech in Modern Society

by Kiri Vadivelu | 2 min. read liberty

Great failures of free speech in modern society is lack of will to defend democracy

Free speech is the cornerstone of democracy. Whether our political stand is on the right, left or centre, defending the right to free speech is the most important civil duty. Over the years, the right to free speech has been eliminated using variety of legal apparatus.

Hands off Assange: Don't Shoot the Messenger
Hands off Assange: Don't Shoot the Messenger | © Kiri Vadivelu

For an example, anti-semitism is a law specially drafted to protect Jewish people from hate crime. Although, existing laws were more than adequate to protect everyone against hate crime; the Zionist Jews were deceitful enough to slice out special privilege under the law. Ironically, butchers of free speech are drafting laws to protect free speech.

Unlike Jews, Black people were slaves in America 50 years ago; however, civil rights advocates such as Martin Luther King did not demand special law to protect black people from slavery. All working black and white Americans were united to eliminate slavery. Zionists do not contribute to democracy but consume democracy for existence.

Zionist laws does not acknowledge the right of others but Jews. Apartheid policies does not protect free speech but eradicate humanity, completely. Creator of zionism, Theodor Herzl and his sympathizers are devils of equality and freedom. Zionists are cowards but masters of manipulation, a fact that cannot be undermined.

Even when loaded gun is pointed to the head, Palestinians are bravely defending free speech in Palestine. Like Palestinians, we must all assert our rights against Zionists or we have none; blatantly obvious through the fate of Julian Assange extradition to United States.

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