Existential Threat of Corporate Welfare

by Kiri Vadivelu | 2 min. read corporate

Structural capitalism colonize labour wealth at the expense of humanity

The corporate welfare bums are also knowns as capitalist death cult is a threat to health and wellbeing of all labour. A death cult can be understood as vicious, dark and evil chain of thinking, acting and behaving to destruct natural life cycles. Bank is an example of structural capitalism to colonize labour wealth at the expense of humanity to benefit corporate bums.

Corporate Welfare Bums Dressed in Black Suit
Welfare Bums in Black Suit | © Kiri Vadivelu

Social capitalism is a western creation of socialized version of death cult; where, cruel motives of cult is glorified rather than disgusted. From Europe to America, death cult is fashionable in corporate environment. No banker would ever handle money without dressing to deceive customers. Western bank industry is disastrous for humanity; is an understatement. No one will ever free till abolishment of all predatory system.

According to corporate death cult, everything is a commodity. From birth to death, all living elements can be made profitable. Every joy and misery of human experience is a business opportunity. That is a predatory nature of wilderness that humans shall not practice. However, capitalism is packaged and socialized in a manner to be appealing to everyone. Labour is godly but for corporate welfare bums is a profit machine.

Birth of a child is a great opportunity for many businesses and potential exploitation venues. Subsequently, the child becomes an adult to consume products of capitalist society at different stages of life. Eventually, the funeral industry is patiently waiting to capitalize the death of a life. The faster the birth to death cycle runs, more profitable for the death cult. Every life is just a digit to corporate death cult.

The corporate welfare bums who are advocates of modern capitalist war and destruction do not contribute to society in anyway but operate in ways to exploit all the wealth of the society. Secrets of corporate death cult are automation and mass production for infinite profit, in order to benefit few greedy bums who never sweat a day at work.

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